DPP Video Resources

The DPP in Florida is committed to developing a rich library of online tools to help people learn more about DPP. In the videos below, a trained lifestyle coach works with DPP participants to make life changes with the goal of reducing the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The video materials presented here use the CDC-approved curriculum focusing on managing weight and stress, and increasing exercise.

This collection of video content may be used by lifestyle coaches who are interested in adding a telehealth component to their programs.

For Medical Professionals: Continuing education credit may be earned through the Florida Diabetes Prevention Program.

Post-Core Programs

Enhancing your Physical Fitness Routine

Exercise should be part of your every day routine. Here are some fun ways to burn 100 calories.

Grocery Store Tips and Tricks

Grocery Stores hold many pitfalls when trying to be healthy. Follow these suggestions for better trip to the store.

Core Programs

Three Ways to Eat Less Fat and Fewer Calories: Measuring Your Food

It is important to know how much food you are putting into your body. In this video, we talk about incorporating the use of measuring cups and scales to take control of what you eat.