Diabetes and prediabetes are serious health problems that adversely affect our state’s economy and workforce. By offering and incentivizing employees to participate in the Diabetes Prevention Program, employers can prevent or delay diabetes and the associated co-morbid conditions and health care costs.


This national program created by the Centers for Disease Control has been proven to prevent type 2 diabetes by 58% in high risk individuals including those who have been told that they have pre-diabetes.

Companies who offer the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) can reduce health care expenses dramatically. The annual cost of an employee with diabetes is $13,243; whereas the annual cost of an employee without diabetes is $2,560.

Don’t let the epidemic of diabetes impact your company’s bottom line. Offer the Diabetes Prevention Program as a covered health benefit.


Resources for Employers

Banner Ad for Business

Placement on local business organization websites with link to your organization’s website

Best Practices Manual

“How To” manual that discusses DPP program implementation and participant recruitment tips

Business Case

Report with statistics that prove the effectiveness of DPP and its ability to reduce healthcare costs.

Business Recruitment Ad

Advertisement for encouraging employers to offer DPP as a covered health benefit for their employees

Clinician Recruitment Ad

Advertisement encouraging clinicians to screen and refer to DPP

Operations Guide

A guide outlining program establishment, support, marketing, data collection, program costs, program recognition, and more.

Promotional Cards

These recruitment cards may be used to direct healthcare professionals and people with prediabetes to the diabetes prevention resources created by the Florida Diabetes Prevention Program.