CE Programs

Continuing Education Program on Prediabetes

The Florida Diabetes Prevention Program is proud to offer an opportunity to acquire FREE continuing education (CE) credits through August 2017 while learning about the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

These CE programs are focused on the business case and best practices for DPP, program operations and sustainability of DPP, and financing DPP including new Medicare coverage opportunities.  Each session is 1 CE credit.  CE credits are offered to all specialties through August 2017 by following the links below to USF Health. After August 2017 the material will continue to be available below on this page, as well as on youtube.

CE Modules:

DPP & Sustainability Management Management Operations & Fundraising

Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program Model Expansion

Diabetes Prevention Program: CE Videos

Diabetes Prevention Business Case and Best Practices, with Nicole Johnson, DrPH, MPH, MA

Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP) are well established in the literature as evidence-based and effective. They are supported by many national organizations and endorsed by the CDC. Despite the widespread approval of the programs, little information exists in training program leadership how to effectively manage and sustain a program. This is critical information for long term program operations and management. 18:53

Diabetes Prevention Program Best Practices, with Stephanie Melton, PhD, MPH, MA

Dr. Stephanie Melton discusses best practices in forming and sustaining a Diabetes Prevention Program. 15:17

Fundraising Basics, with Lorraine Stiehl

Lorraine Stiehl, development professional, discusses the basics of effective fundraising and ways to identify sources of support for DPP programs. 11:26

Medicare Changes and the Impact on Diabetes Prevention Programs, with Danielle Pere

Danielle Pere, associate executive director of the American College of Preventive Medicine, discusses 2017 Medicare expansion and impact on diabetes prevention programs. 23:28